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- Omnia (Espoo)
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- Protasi (Patras)
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- ESC (Vilnius)
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PROTASI – Movement for another lifestyle, Patras (Greece)

“PROTASI – Movement for another lifestyle” was founded in 1988 in the City of Patras and it is a a charitable registered, non-governmental organization, training and occupying volunteers in the prevention of addictive substances and behaviours (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, internet, gambling etc.) and social inclusion of children and young people. The prevention projects are attended to children, parents, teachers, citizens, etc.

Patras is the third big city in Greece with a population of 300.000 citizens. Among the citizens of the city, there are 42.000 students in the Public University of Patras, the Open University and the Technological Institute of Patras.. The staff consists of 3 professionals, one educator – Director of the Youth Center- and two part time working secretaries. Apart from the proffesional staff, the organization occupies 210 voluntiers and 33 of them are highly committed in the coordination of groups of voluntiers, youth work and trainings.

Work groups: All the members of “PROTASI” (210 volunteers all coming from different professional backgrounds) belong to specific work groups depending on the in-terests of volunteers and the priorities defined by the needs of the local community. At the moment there are 7 groups: the group of parents, the group of teachers, the group for the communication with local community, the group of youth workers, the group for the prevention of alcohol and safe night life of teenagers, the group of the cultural activities “STEKI” and the group for the networking of the neighborhood for the prevention of the hooliganism and school bullying. In these groups of volunteers apart from organizing activities and projects, the members are trained in their self – development to act as multipliers in the community.

Center of Creative Occupation (C.C.O.) and youth projects: The CCO offers the pos-sibility to children among 4 and 17 years old to participate either to youth – groups or workshops and through an interactive way (games, theater, Puppet Theater, drawing, handicrafts, etc.) obtain basic skills (personal, social, self-management skills) in dealing with all kind of problems (addictive substances and behaviours, bullying, racism, abuse, accidents, obesity, etc.). Every year we accept more than 120 children of all ages. PROTASI also developes projects for children contributing to improving the attainment of young people particularly those at risk of early school leaving an with low basic skills. For this reason PROTASI cooperates with schools by offering “train the trainer” seminars and also seminars aiming at revising and strengthening of the professional profile of the teaching professions.

Cultural Activities “STEKI”: It is a meeting place for every active citizen who is inter-ested in participating to different kind of cultural activities like: speeches, discussions, films, concerts, book presentations etc. The “STEKI” was created in 2007 for the members of “PROTASI” and their friends but after the second year it opened its doors to the local community.

Magazine “PROSOPO”: For almost 20 years the magazine “PROSOPO” is published every 3 months to 2.000 issues and is spread all over Greece offering to its subscribers a lot of useful articles and information on topics concerning prevention of addic-tive substances, pedagogic approaches, opinions, experiences, activities for the quality in our lives.

Training Seminars: Every year a number of training seminars, courses and meetings are organized by “PROTASI” with the cooperation of the Drugs Prevention Center of Achaia (OKANA), for the information and sensitation of parents, teachers and professionals (in health services) in the prevention of addictive substances and behaviours and similar topics as the development of basic skills etc.

“PROTASI” holds every year a long term seminar for the preparation of new volunteers to enter the groups of “PROTASI”. For young adults PROTASI runs trainings and interventions that contribute to a reduction in the number of low – skilled adults (re-skilling and up-skilling of adults) by 1) increasing incentives for adult training, 2) by providing information on access to life long learning services such as 3) information on the validation of non formal and informal learning and 4) by offering tailored learning oportunities to individual learners.

Transnational projects: “PROTASI” is a partner in many European projects dealing with Life Long Learning, active citizenship, Productive Learning, Community Education, youth work, prevention of drug and alcohol addiction and abuse. A big number of young people have organized and participated in Youth Congresses and youth exchanges among European countries. “PROTASI” is a member of INEPS (International Network of Productive Learning Schools and projects) since 1996 and has organized twice in 2002 and 2011 the annual International Congress of INEPS in Patras.

PROTASI supports the PL methodology since 1996 that first got in contact with and has tried many times in the past for the implementation of PL in Patras through non formal projects. PROTASI has been the link between PL and Vocational Schools in Patras since 2001 that first organized an INEPS congress in Patras and since then there is a lot of interest of some vocational schools for PL. It seems that nowadays the conditions in Greece are more favorable for the implementation of a new attempt for a PL project, due to the financial crisis and the big unemployment of young people. After a long cooperation with some of the educators of the vocational centre- which has been invited by PROTASI to participate to this new ERASMUS project- there are strong bonds based on trust and common language on pedagogic approaches. This relationship will enable PROTASI a) to act as co-educator with IPLE in the local trainings, b) act as a consultant to the educators on a permanent basis during the implementation of a pilot PL project in Patras c) act as facilitator to practical issues in the final step, d) help with the contacts and the wide network it has created with enterprises to the apprenticeships of students.

As long as PROTASI has adopted PL as one very important methodology that serves the primary prevention of drug addiction and risk behaviors of children and young people, it has a great interest in the development of a so called “prevention school” that PL can offer. In the aims of PROTASI’s statutes it is described and included the adoption and implementation of similar projects that promote a meaningful life for children and young people. This project will strengthen the relation of PROTASI with vocational schools for a mutual improvement of their strategies for the benefit of young people. In parallel it will promote stronger coherence between different EU countries and national transparency and recognition tools, so as to ensure that skills and qualifications can be easily recognized across borders.

PROTASI will make sure that PL will be really implemented in the vocational school (system) by acting a) as a consultant to the educators on a permanent basis during the implementation of a pilot PL project in Patras b) as facilitator to practical issues in the final step, c) by helping with the contacts and the wide network it has created with enterprises to the apprenticeships of students.

The following experts will be in-volved in the project:

Angela Passa
Eleni Kotta - Baladaki

See also: www.protasi.org.gr