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- Omnia (Espoo)
- IPLE (Berlin)
- GS-Schule (Berlin)
- Protasi (Patras)
- 2nd LC (Patras)

- ESC (Vilnius)
- AYS (Kedainiai)
- VETC (Kedainiai)

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Kėdainiai Adult and Youth Education Centre - Kedainiai AYS (Lithuania)

Kedainiai Adult and Youth School (Kedainiai AYS) is registered as a non-profit organization and was established in 2001. After merging the two schools in September 2013, the institution got the name of Kedainiai AYS. Since then it consists of three departments: adult, youth and non-formal.
The main activity of Kedainiai AYS is to provide primary, basic, secondary and non-formal education, to unite students’ demands to advance their skills and to stimulate the diffusion of its approach to pedagogical innovations. In order to expand students’ horizons as well as exploring other ways of alternative education methods a Study Group for traditional arts and crafts was established in Kedainiai AYS in 2004. Kedainiai AYS also provides services that correspond to the vision of life long learning society for individual members and community. Since 2002 Kedainiai AYS offers various courses such as Computer Literacy, The English Language, Art and Design etc. The school also offers courses for seniors and has established The Third Age University, where students are offered health, psychology, music etc. courses.
Kedainiai AYS staff consists of 80 qualified and competent persons today and the number of students reaches nearly 600. The school is very well technically equipped and is a suitable and inspiring place for learning and expressing students’ creativity.

Kedainiai AYS is located in the centre of Lithuania in a small town surrounded by rural areas. This makes difficulties to reach the target group, i.e. students. The students lack learning motivation and are disadvantaged, with different social and cultural backgrounds (there is a multicultural community in Kedainiai), learners with special needs and children with misbehaviour problems. Productive Learning experience could be an alternative way for them to learn and to try different practice fields.
The main Partners of Kedainiai AYS are (selection of actual partners): Lithuanian Association of Adult Education, Manager Association of Lithuanian Adult Education Centres, Lithuanian Association of Distance and E. Learning (LieDM association). Two teachers of Productive Learning in basic education field are members of INEPS (International Network of Productive Learning Projects and Schools). Kedainiai AYS has tight connection and cooperation with other schools and centres in Lithuania.

The following specialists of Kedainiai AYS will be involved in the project:

Ieva Brazauskaite-Zubaviciene
Ugne Matuleviciute
Laura Paulauskiene

See also: www.smc.kedainiai.lm.lt