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- Omnia (Espoo)
- IPLE (Berlin)
- GS-Schule (Berlin)
- Protasi (Patras)
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- ESC (Vilnius)
- AYS (Kedainiai)
- VETC (Kedainiai)

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Kedainiai Vocational Educational Training Centre (Kėdainiai VETC), Lithuania

Kėdainiai vocational educational training centre (Kėdainiai VETC) is registered as a budgetary public institution and was established in 2001 as the biggest vocational institution in the Kėdainiai region. The centre was made after joining up four independent vocational training schools, and it nowadays functions as two departments, preparing specialists of different kinds (they vary from cooks, waiters, bartenders, dressmakers, food industry workers to specialists in the field of transport, logistic, vehicle fitting, etc.). In December 2010, after the accreditation procedure, Kėdainiai VETC was given the status of gymnasium, moreover, Kėdainiai VETC has the Management System standard ISO 9001:2008 / LST EN ISO 9001:2008.

Kėdainiai VETC mission’s statement emphases clearly the international dimension of education and training to be provided to all its students.

The main activity of Kėdainiai VETC is vocational education and training of young people, but adult (or unemployed) training and re-training is provided in the centre as well. At present there are 600 students whose age varies from 15 to 24. The teaching staff consists of 62 persons, which are profession teachers and general subject teachers.

There are two departments in Kėdainiai VETC: Transport and Business, Industry and Services.
Offered professions in Transport and business department: Car Electric Equipment Repairer, Forwarding agent of logistics, International transportations driver/forwarder, Trade Companies' Assistant Manager,  Car mechanic, Equipment maintenance worker.

Offered specialties in Industry and Services department: Decorator (builder) Construction finisher, Food industry worker, Waiter/barmen, Cook, Hairdresser, Welder, Sewing Business Services Provider

Academic calendar
Autumn semester: September 1 – January 31
Spring semester: February 1 – June 31

Grading scale
From 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest): 1-3 negative evaluation,
4 - 10 positive evaluation.

Study programmes
3 years – general education and vocational qualification
1-2 years – vocational qualification.

Student Life
Students of the Kėdainiai VETC have their own organization of autonomy - Student Council which represents students’ interests at the Centre Council. Students can spend their free time in various clubs: dance, fashion studio, art and design, football, basketball and other.

Kedainiai VETC partners and cooperation
We cooperate with Lithuanian and foreign educational institutions and business companies

The main partners of Kėdainiai VETC are (selection of actual partners): various enterprises of Kėdainiai and its region – from small one person ran business to large and important factories, basic and secondary schools. Kėdainiai VETC is also a member of Association of Vocational Training Institutions for Urban Development.

International cooperation is one of the Kedainiai VETC underlying areas. The goal of cooperation is to provide an opportunity for teachers to improve qualification, participate in international projects, exchange experience with partners from abroad, enable students to have internship at foreign companies, and ensure that the Kedainiai VETC trains high quality specialists. Kedainiai VETC cooperates with partners from Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Austria, Turkey, Portugal and others.

The following experts of Kedainiai VETC will be involved in the project:

Vilija Bakutyte
Zivile Matukiene
Laimute Dulkiniene

See also: www.prc.kedainiai.lm.lt and information about PROVED: