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Project partners:

- Omnia (Espoo)
- IPLE (Berlin)
- GS-Schule (Berlin)
- Protasi (Patras)
- 2nd LC (Patras)

- ESC (Vilnius)
- AYS (Kedainiai)
- VETC (Kedainiai)

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2nd Laboratory Center, Patras (Greece)

The 2nd Laboratory Center (2nd LC) of Patras belongs to the secondary vocational education (EDU-SCHVoc); the purpose is to provide - through the fully equipped l-boratories - support to Local Professional Technical schools and other training structures (e.g. National Center of Emergency Medical Services (EKAB), Public Institute of Vocational Training (IEK). Inside the laboratories adults and students are fully trained, coming from the following public Vocational schools: 2nd EPAL Patras, 6th EPAL Patras, 5th EPAL of Patras, Public Vocational Training Institutes and Ambulance Services in Patras. Overall the 2nd LC provides services to 1200 students of the above schools and employs 175 teachers of various technical disciplines. Operating hours from 8:00 to 22:30 in a daily basis. The 2nd LC supports the laboratory part of the courses which are taught in the following areas:

a) Electronics
b) Electrical
c) Computers
d) Health - Welfare
e) Mechanical
f) Graphical Arts.

The 2nd LC had many contacts with INEPS (two INEPS congresses took place in Patras), with PROTASI and IPLE. Productive Learning can effectively support the educational progress of students in our school, with reference to their socio-economic background and needs. So indirectly lead to rational career choices and help to reduce student dropouts. It is our duty (as teachers, trainers and employees) to think more about the future of students through the skills and experiences.

PL will be addressed to all students of 2nd LC in Patras, especially to theseones who lost their jobs due to the economic crisis. The students should get a free choice of practice places with focus on vocational orientation.

In that way the students should be supported in

  • developing the personality / key skills to reach maturity for vocational training and in
  • developing professional skills in a special field for all courses ( Electronics, Electrical, Computers, Health – Welfare, Mechanical, and Graphical Arts.)

This project will strengthen the relation of our school with PROTASI for a mutual improvement of our strategies for the benefit of young people. In addition, it will promote stronger coherence between different EU countries and national transparency and recognition tools, so as to ensure that skills and qualifications can be easily recognized across borders.

These activities will ensure the implementation of PL in the vocational center. 2nd LC with the collaboraton of “PROTASI” will act:

  • as a consultant to the educators on a permanent basis during the implementation of a pilot PL project in Patras
  • as facilitator to practical issues in the final step,
  • by helping with the contacts and the wide network it has created with enterprises to the apprenticeships of students

The following experts of the 2nd LC will be involved in the project:

Constantinos Giannopoulos
Dimitrios Panourgias

See also: http://2sek-patras.ach.sch.gr