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- Omnia (Espoo)
- IPLE (Berlin)
- GS-Schule (Berlin)
- Protasi (Patras)
- 2nd LC (Patras)

- ESC (Vilnius)
- AYS (Kedainiai)
- VETC (Kedainiai)

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Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region (Espoo, Finland)
(Espoon seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä Omnia)

Omnia, The Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region, is a multisectoral educational organisation owned by municipalities of Espoo, Kauniaianen and Kirkkonummi. Omnia organises Upper Secondary Vocational Education of 120 credits (3 years) and Preparatory Training for Competence-Based Qualifications. Omnia has approximately 10.000 students and 700 personnel at the moment and it functions at four different institutes: Omnia Vocational College, Omnia Adult Education Centre, Omnia Apprenticeship Training Centre, Omnia Youth Workshops and development services InnoOmnia for innovation and entrepreneurship. Six training sectors are provided at Omnia: Culture; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences, Business Economics and Administration; Technology and Transport; Social Services, Health and Sport; Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services.

Omnia is a powerful actor in Uusimaa region in Finland and it’s also a worldwide well-known project partner, especially in Europe. Omnia cooperates closely with towns, chamber of commerce, organisations of entrepreneurs and trade unions in education and training. Number one priority in Omnia’s strategy is to decrease social exclusion and prevent discrimination. Omnia communicates closely through councils with firms, associations and organisations of labour market. Omnia also co-operates with the other education institutes of Uusimaa and with the Finnish National Board of Education. Omnia is member of Finnish Association for the Development of Vocational Education and Training (AMKE), Association of European providers of VET, Cidesco ( Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie ) and AEHT (European Association of hotel and tourism schools).


Omnia was the coordinator of Language Label Awarded Leonardo da Vinci project Ready-Study-Go! and Ready-Study-Go Ahead (project number FI-05-B-F-LA-160606). The project planned a virtual e-learning system for language and cultural training before an on-the-job learning period. The online material was developed by teams of vocational and language teachers. This enabled development of language teaching integrated with vocational content.

Omnia has been awarded with the Leonardo da Vinci Certificate in Mobility for its student mobility project Omnia Onni and expert mobility Expert Onni. The Leonardo da Vinci Certificate in Mobility is recognised of the capacity of an institution to implement a Leonardo da Vinci mobility project of excellent quality. The quality aspects cover the content of the mobility activity (policy, strategy, work programme) as well as the operational and financial capacity of the institution.

International cooperation is one of the strategic pillars of Omnia and the object of development. International activities of Omnia are rising up from working life. In the field of international cooperation Omnia has organized student and teacher exchanges for 12 years with many European countries. Omnia has participated in international projects eg. (INTERREG IIIA - IVA, different Leonardo da Vinci projects, Nord Plus, Grundtvig, Comenius.) and has carried out pilot projects as coordinator and partner. Omnia is coordinator in India Network and Japan Finland Network and a partner in Russia Network granted by Finnish National Board of Education. The new Network with African countries and Nepal has been launched. In Finland Omnia has been one of the leading Schools concerning the many ECVET projects (European Credit system of Vocational Education and Training). Together with international partners Omnia has created learning outcome based units/modules for several educational fields: Social and Health Care, Vehicle

Omnia can use its’ numerous national and international contacts and networks for project purposes. Close contacts to the National Board of Education helps to provide visibility and interest for the project activities. Expertise of solid project experience and project administration guarantees a good basis for the project work and for the transnational cooperation. Omnia Adult Education Centre staff is developing personal study pathway during last 10 years. Lately, the proportion of young adults and young immigrants has increased substantially in Espoo. This have created a demand to change our teaching approach to suit the needs of young adults with risk of social exclusion. The increased proportion of disadvantaged and/or young adults between the age of 19-29 with different learning disabilities have led to a need to change the way teacher approaches, guides and teaches the students. The aim is to emphasize lifelong learning skills and adapt new teaching methods for young and disadvantaged students. In addition, the aim is to strengthen the co-operation between the different organizational units in Omnia. Our strengths are guidance and the use of mobile technologies and the aim here is to combine these with documentation and the new methods that foster lifelong learning and social skills.

The following experts of OMNIA will be involved in the project:

Lotta Kuivalainen
Eeva Hellsten
Petri Hänninen
Seija Heikkinen


See also: www.omnia.fi