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Georg-Schlesinger-Schule, Berlin (Germany)

The “Georg-Schlesinger-Schule” is a vocational school for machinery and manufacturing technology (“Oberstufenzentrum für Maschinen- und Fertigungstechnik”). The school was founded in 1982.

Today there are over 1800 students in 90 classes and more than 100 employees (teachers, non-teaching staff in the office, laboratories and workshops). The school is located in the Northern part of Berlin. The students come from all over Berlin and from Brandenburg. Some are coming from the far away federal country Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The school is specialized in metal technology like production technology, mechatronics, electrical engineering, synthetics technology as well as transport and railway technologies.

The training of the students is carried out in three different fields: vocational training, vocational preparation and university entrance qualification. The majority of our students is enrolled in a 3.5-year dual vocational training as industrial mechanics, cutting mechanics, toolmakers, etc.

A modern building offers different facilities:
- more than 80 classrooms,
- technical and scientific laboratories,
- a workshop building with 190 professional practice courses,
- PC workstations and CAD computer systems,
- sports facility with space and a double gymnasium ,
- canteen / cafeteria.

Our partner organisations in the dual system of vocational education count about 300 companies, e.g. Daimler, BMW, ABB, BWB, BVG, Deutsche Bahn.

The “Georg-Schlesinger-Schule” participates in the pilot project of Berlin SenBWF “Integrated Preparation for Vocational Training“ (IBA). The implementation of this project involves the education of disadvantaged young people, who have failed to gain a secondary school certificate. Depending on their knowledge, abilities and, especially their development at our school they may switch between classes of different levels and thus get another chance of passing a secondary school exam. The main focus of the project, though, is the preparation of young people to be able to start a vocational training in the metal industry after a 1-year course at our school. Their weekly schedule includes a full day of practical training in one of our metal workshops, introduction into metal technology, mathematics, German, English and social studies. Another important part of the training and preparation is internships in, preferably, related companies.

The good experiences in this project motivate us to participate in this Erasmus+ pro-ject to reach more students who have problems with the transition to work and to develop our conception more in direction of Productive Learning, that means: more individualization, more practice in real life situations and more connection between practice and theory.

We also intend to expand the classroom experiences and also the practical experiences at shop-floor level to an international level. But due to the short time passed till the starting point of the experimental pilot project “IBA” and secondly because of the complex and difficult personal situation of the young students we could not yet reach this aim.

The experiences with the project “IBA”, the existing contacts with enterprises in different fields and the school firm are helpful for the implementation process of PL.

The following people of the school staff will be involved in the project:

Martin Faroß
Barbara Krabbe
Susan Mehl

See also: www.gs-schule.de