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About Productive Learning:

What is PL? (IPLE)
What is PL? (PROVED)


Project partners:

- Omnia (Espoo)
- IPLE (Berlin)
- GS-Schule (Berlin)
- Protasi (Patras)
- 2nd LC (Patras)

- ESC (Vilnius)
- AYS (Kedainiai)
- VETC (Kedainiai)

Results and documents:

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Find the results of the project on this website:

14.-16. June 2016: Final meeting in Espoo, Finland

27. April 2016: PROVED workshop in the frame of INEPS-Congress in Tampere, Finland

21.-23. March 2016: Partner meeting in Patras, Greece

2nd of December 2015: Presentation of interim results by Heike Borkenhagen at NABIBB in Bonn, Germany


  • 30th of November till 1st of December 2015 in Kedainiai, Lithuania
    - press release about the school based training and local seminar
  • 2nd-4th of December 2015 in Patras, Greece
  • 27th-28th of January 2016 in Finland

The Topics were:

  • The development of a “framework conception” (connecting on the second drafts)
  • The development of the “Study Letter”
  • The development of the “Pedagogical Manual”
  • Development of a “Mentor’s Training Concept”
  • Clearing questions according to Productive Learning in general
  • PROVED project’s administration

2015-10-27: Patras / Greece: Information meeting at PROTASI to 12 French decision makers from the CEMEA organization (www.cemea-aquitaine.fr) which cooperates  with the  C.O.P.A.E. ILIS (Greece) (http://ioannabassieux.wix.com/copaeilis).

2015-04-28, Kėdainiai / Lithuania: PARTNER MEETING at 4th-6th of May will take place in Kėdainiai.
The aim of the meeting is to evaluate the process of the concept development and to discuss the
interim results, hurdles and problems in the process, to look for possible ways to overcome difficulties
and to prepare next steps.

2015-04-22, Kėdainiai / Lithuania: News and feedback about the seminar in Berlin at:

2015-02-12, Berlin / Patras:

The first SCHOOL BASED TRAINING / LOCAL SEMINAR with our partners in Patras took place in Patras from 9th to 11th February.  The colleagues from the 2nd Laboratory Center, PROTASI and IPLE worked three days together and on Wednesday 11th February 2015 they informed interested people from the region about the project PROVED and the planned activities. About 40 people participated at this Local Seminar and were informed about the following topics:

  • Introduction and welcome from the headmaster
  • Introduction to the Productive Learning
  • Presentation of the Project PROVED (name, duration, target groups, main aims…)
  • Presentation of the “first ideas” of the 2nd Laboratory School in Patras
  • Discussion and clearing of questions from the audience
  • Formulating wishes and expectations of the project partners in Greece to the audience

partras2015-1 Patras2015-2

2015-01-28, Berlin / Germany: Until today there have been four SCHOOL BASED TRAININGS / LOCAL SEMINARS in Berlin:

  • 2014-10-02: Development of the conception
  • 2014-11-24: Organisation at school and development of the conception
  • 2015-01-13: Development of the conception
  • 2015-01-26: Development of the conception

2014-12-12, Kedainiai (Lithuania): First school based training and local seminar took place!
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2014-12-05, Lithuania:
Kedainiai VETC put some information about PROVED on his website:

2014-11-27, Lithuania:
Kedainia VETC put some information about PROVED and the Kick-off-Meeting on his website:

2014-11-24, Berlin:
The first school based training took place at Georg-Schlesinger-School in Berlin.

2014-11-24, Berlin:
In a first meeting with the external evaluators EMCRA from Berlin, the contract was signed for the external project evaluation.

2014-10-15 until 2014-10-17, Berlin:
The Kick-off-Meeting with all project partners took place at IPLE in Berlin with seminars and school visits. Contents of the meeting were e.g.:

  • Partner institutions and their ideas of implementing Productive Learning in the VET system / vocational school in their countries
  • The VET systems in Europe and in the participating countries
  • Productive Learning in theory and practice
  • Project design, time table, budget and activities & responsibilities
  • Administration matters
  • Evaluation design
  • Dissemination and public relations